2 Funny Commercials I Did This Year


My Own Private Groundhog Day

February 16, 2016

I always dreamed about living by the Beach. After spending years being smacked with humanity in New York City, I fantasized about the open space, the fresh air and the freedom an evening dip in the ocean would provide me. A year after moving from New York to Los Angeles to pursue my other dream, making a living as an Actor, I was thrown a bit part on a TV show. I say "thrown" because my long time friend, for whom I had worked before, created the show and as the boss, he was allowed to fill in the supporting roles as his vision dictated. His vision dictated me delivering 2 or 3 wildly inappropriate, but very funny lines, with unabashed... Continue Reading →

Braveheart at the Ziegfeld Theatre

January 21, 2016

I lived on 54th street at 7th Avenue in New York City for many years. I love to romanticize that time of my life, I was a struggling actor, pursuing my dream, sharing an illegal sublet with 2 of my brothers. We split the rent 3 ways and it was fun..!Despite the hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan, or maybe because of it, I enjoyed the neighborhood. During the day I walked to my auditions and to acting classes. In the evening, I jogged around the loop in Central Park. Late at night, on the way home from a crappy stand up gig or from waiting tables, I would pass by and say hello to the hookers that worked the corner... Continue Reading →


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